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Hydroponic cocopeat growing media substrate care using Root flush can be an effective technique for maintaining a healthy and well-balanced environment for plant growth in a soilless system. Root flush can aid in ensuring proper moisture distribution, nutrient absorption, and overall substrate health. Here’s how to incorporate Root flush into your hydroponic growing media substrate care routine:


Ecomix Australia is dedicated to maintaining the health of substrates and ensuring optimal plant performance and yields. By focusing on both the quality of the substrate and effective substrate management, Ecomix understands the critical factors that contribute to a healthy substrate. Ecomix recognizes the significance of starting with high-quality cocopeat and well-designed bags that are tailored to specific crop requirements. The careful selection of cocopeat particle size and distribution during the manufacturing process is essential for defining substrate behavior and texture.

optimal substrate environment

Consistency and Uniformity : Ensuring a uniform composition within the substrate to foster a stable growth environment.
EC and pH Consistency : Maintaining stable levels of electrical conductivity and pH for efficient nutrient absorption.
Structural Stability : Ensuring the structural integrity of the cocopeat to support robust root systems and overall plant vitality.
Water Holding Capacity (WHC) : Ideal water holding capacity to prevent waterlogging and ensure proper hydration for plant growth.
Air Filled Porosity (AFP) : Maintaining optimal air-filled porosity for a healthy rhizosphere and efficient nutrient and water uptake.
Effective Drainage : Establishing proper drainage mechanisms to minimize the risk of waterlogging and salt buildup.


Salt Build-Up : Accumulation of mineral and fertilizer salt deposits within the growing medium, which pose challenges for root the development and overall plant health.

Channeling and Dry Spots : This occurs when water primarily flows through certain pathways in the substrate, leaving other areas dry which poses challenges for roots to utilize the full volume of growing media.

Waterlogging : Waterlogged substrates have excessive moisture levels, which can be caused by fine particles with poor drainage, improper drain holes, and ineffective irrigation management.

Re-Wetting : Substrates may develop water-repellent properties leading to uneven water distribution and inadequate hydration of the root zone.

Media Breakdown : Over time, organic matter in the substrate can decompose, altering its structure and negatively affecting plant health.


To address these issues, Ecomix has developed Root Flush. The use of Root Flush (advanced cocopeat flushing and re wetting agent) can further enhance water penetration and distribution in water-repellent substrates, promoting even moisture distribution. Additionally, improving drainage systems can effectively mitigate waterlogging issues, safeguarding the health of the roots and the plants. By implementing Ecomix management strategies, growers can optimize their growing conditions, reduce the risk of problems associated with irrigation and substrate health, and support healthy and thriving plant growth.


    • Helps quicker expansion of compressed cocopeat
    • Quick penetration into built-up salt
    • Improves flushing effectiveness
    • Protects roots from salt burn
    • Promotes root growth
    • Improves re-wetting
    • Reduces substrate breakdown
    • Helps to clear dripper blockages
    • Dissolves fertiliser faster

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