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Hydroponic cocopeat growing media substrate care using Root flush can be an effective technique for maintaining a healthy and well-balanced environment for plant growth in a soilless system. Root flush can aid in ensuring proper moisture distribution, nutrient absorption, and overall substrate health. Here’s how to incorporate Root flush into your hydroponic growing media substrate care routine:

Precision Particle Technology (PPT) in the Manufacturing of Growing Media

In the area of manufacturing growing media, particularly in compressed grow bags or blocks, Precision Particle Technology (PPT) assumes a pivotal role. This specialized technology is instrumental in achieving the optimal particle size, composition, and arrangement necessary for fostering ideal physical properties that promote successful plant growth.

A comprehensive grasp of the physical properties of growing media is crucial for establishing the best conditions for sustained plant growth. Recognizing that these properties remain unchanged during the growth period underscores the significance of precision right from the initial stages. Particle size serves as a determining factor in various crucial properties, including drainage, water holding capacity (WHC), and air-filled porosity (AFP) within the growing medium. ECOMIX has pioneered Precision Particle Technology (PPT), a proprietary manufacturing process tailored for compressed grow bags and blocks. The process involves using a unique blend of cocopeat, coco chips, and fiber with meticulously selected particle sizes and shapes.

Advantages of PPT

  • Uniform and Accelerated Expansion : ECOMIX-PPT ensures uniform and rapid expansion of the growing medium, fostering an ideal environment for robust plant growth.
  • Enhanced Moisture Distribution : The heterogeneous distribution of particle sizes and shapes facilitated by PPT technology promotes superior and consistent moisture distribution, critical for the overall health of plants.
  • Controlled and Consistent Drainage : PPT aids in regulating drainage, averting issues related to over-saturation, and ensuring efficient removal of excess water.
  • Efficient Management of Dry Back : The technology facilitates effective drying of grow bags after watering, safeguarding against root damage caused by waterlogged conditions.
  • Balanced AFP/WHC : By delicately balancing air-filled porosity and water holding capacity, PPT creates an optimal environment for root development and nutrient absorption.


Inadequately processed compressed media can lead to expansion complications, primarily arising from the loss of cellulose structure in the particles or incomplete expansion. ECOMIX’s PPT manufacturing process handles particles gently, preserving their cellulose structure to ensure uniform expansion, consistent moisture distribution, and proper drainage.
In essence, Precision Particle Technology (PPT) is an indispensable element in the production of growing media, guaranteeing that the physical properties of the medium are precisely tailored to foster optimal plant growth from the initial stages. ECOMIX’s PPT technology offers a range of benefits, including uniform expansion, improved moisture distribution, regulated drainage, effective dry back, and a well-balanced combination of AFP and WHC, all of which contribute to the successful establishment of crops and robust root development.

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