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ECOMIX Australia stands out as a pioneering and environmentally conscious company dedicated to the development and production of cutting-edge COCOPEAT growing media, crop solutions & technologies. As an environmentally conscious and innovative company, ECOMIX has garnered significant market recognition and acceptance for the core product range.

ECOMIX achievements are evident in the ability to enhance crop quality, increase yields, bolster disease and stress resistance, reduce fertilizer usage, promote environmentally stable chemistry, minimize crop wastage, and improve substrate management & crop health.

Since its establishment in 2011, ECOMIX Australia has expanded globally to countries such as New Zealand, the UK, USA, South Korea, China, Europe, and more, introducing a new generation of high-tech horticultural products.

Who we are?

Prodoz International Pty Ltd, Trading as Ecomix Australia

ECOMIX Australia works with world leading companies and scientists to develop and manufacture bespoke services and products. We are targeting crop solutions to achieve sustainable agricultural practises. This has been achieved through optimal crop quality, improved yields, disease resistance, stress resistance reduce fertiliser usage, environmentally stable chemistry, minimising crop wastage, improve substrate health and management.

ECOMIX’s operating core values, emphasise the provision of crop and soil solutions to identify needs, rather than pure product sales. As an experienced marketing and distribution platform, ECOMIX offers secure global access to some of the best fertilisers, soil conditioners and bio-stimulants, substrates and technologies. Our experienced team of agronomists are trained to work to create a customised fertiliser programs while working along with the existing fertiliser programs to improve crop requirements.


At Ecomix, we recognize the myriad of options available for coir products in the market. That’s why we aim to stand out as your preferred coir product partner by offering a comprehensive package of benefits tailored to meet your specific needs. By integrating these principles into cocopeat production, manufacturers can enhance product quality, streamline production processes, reduce costs, and ultimately deliver superior cocopeat products that meet the stringent requirements of the market.

  1. Quality Control at Every Stage : Ecomix involves implementing quality checks at every stage of the cocopeat production process, from sourcing the raw materials to the final packaging. This includes monitoring the quality of coconut husks, the processing methods, and the final product’s attributes.
  2. Standardization of Processes : Ecomix emphasizes the standardization of production processes to ensure consistency and uniformity in the quality of the cocopeat products. This may involve establishing standardized operating procedures, implementing quality control measures, and adhering to specific industry standards.
  3. Continuous Improvement : Ecomix encourages a culture of continuous improvement, where feedback and data from various stages of production are used to identify areas for enhancement. This can involve implementing corrective and preventive measures to address any identified issues promptly.
  4. Employee Involvement and Training : Engaging employees in the quality management process is crucial. Ecomix encourages providing employees with the necessary training to understand the importance of quality in cocopeat production and to enable them to contribute actively to maintaining high-quality standards.
  5. Customer Focus : Ecomix places a strong emphasis on understanding and meeting customer requirements and expectations. This involves gathering feedback from customers, incorporating their suggestions into the production process, and ensuring that the final cocopeat products meet or exceed their expectations.
  6. Waste Reduction and Sustainability : Ecomix emphasizes minimizing waste and promoting sustainability. This can include implementing eco-friendly production practices, optimizing resource usage, and exploring ways to recycle or reuse by-products to minimize environmental impact.
  7. Compliance with Regulations and Standards : Ecomix involves ensuring compliance with industry regulations and quality standards set by relevant authorities. This may include adhering to specific guidelines related to product quality, safety, and environmental sustainability.

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