Coir Geotextiles are a range of woven open mesh fabrics made from 100% natural and biodegradable coir. These natural nettings hold the soil and seed intact during the establishment of vegetative cover. When it biodegrade it add organic nutrients to the soil. Coir Geotextiles are “eco friendly” products.

    • Road & Rail Slopes
    • Soil Bio Engineering
    • Dam Sites & Mining
    • Water Course Beds
    • Landscaped Areas
    • Defense Installation
    • Erodable Seashores
    • Desert Developments
    • Cuttings and Hill Side Slopes
    • River Embankments
    • Land Reclamation


    Coir Logs are long knotted coir nettings filled with coir fibre. Coir logs are widely used on stream banks, sea shores and lake shores for controlling the sand slide. It is also used in desert areas for controlling sand overcomes.

    • Spill Containment
    • Coast Erosion Control
    • Water Diversion
    • Sand Control
    • Sediment Filtration
    • Stream Bank Stabilization
    • Silt pond construction
    • Flood Control

    Cocopeat is an ideal media for amphibian, reptile and insect husbandry in terrarium due to its excellent properties. Cocopeat is 100% organic and eco-friendly.

    Adventages of Cocopeat

    • High air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it light
    • Biodegradation is slowly due to high lignin content
    • Physical properties last for a few years
    • Natural smell, free of diseases and pests
    • Neutral pH, contains macro and microelements
    • Holds proper conditions in terrarium
    • No necessity of utilization

    Cocopeat is a completely homogenous material composed of millions of capillary microsponges, that absorb water and steam is liberate slowly. It can be used in dry, semi-wet and wet terrariums.

    Products offered

    • Cocopeat 65 to 70 ltr Blocks
    • Cocopeat Briquette (8-9 ltr)
    • Coco Chips
    • Cocopeat Discs
    • Packing – as per customers choice
    • We are also supplying Low Fiber Cocopeat Slabs for worms growers.